Mindful Magazine has published an article of mine. It's about neurodiversity in mindfulness, and the research work I love so much with the CAMH Azrieli Centre. 


Upcoming free virtual Mindfulness (research) Groups for Autistic Adults & caregivers at the CAMH Azrieli  Centre: 

Caregivers 6 Week Mindfulness

Friday January 22 10:30am EST Start

Autistic Adults 6 Week Mindfulness 

Friday January 22 3pm EST Start



Finding creative ways to each person's unique path to mindfulness

Sue Hutton started her path to mindfulness in 1985. She did professional training with Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and has since then taught over a thousand people in a wide range of communities.

Sue's career as a social worker and work in disability advocacy allow her to add a special perspective to traditional mindfulness techniques.



"I've taught mindfulness in developmental services, in the education system, in cancer care services, and in the prison system. I also lead clinical groups with autistic adults and their caregivers for research in mindfulness for neurodevelopmental disabilities at CAMH.

Teaching those with a disability, or cancer, caregivers, educators, and health professionals with the lens of my advocacy perspective has shown me the importance of making mindfulness accessible to anyone".                    

~ Sue Hutton

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Audio Guided Meditations 

Three S's - Sight, Sound, Sensation
00:00 / 05:20

This 5 minute meditation can be used anywhere you are. Feel free to make it yours and use these grounding senses anytime. This can be useful for anxiety. 

Accessible Mindfulness Tools
00:00 / 17:20

Accessibility is different for everyone, and it is impossible to create one tool that will be right for everyone. In this practice Sue talks about accessiblity for the first few minutes, and leads a practice. 

Walk with Compassion
00:00 / 20:34

The walking meditation practice is designed to use when walking in your community. Please adapt to your needs if you use a mobility device or chair. 

Mindful Body Compassion
00:00 / 19:47

This is a deep relaxation practice on compassion and body awareness. This is best done lying down. It can be helpful for falling alseep. 

Autism Informed Guided Meditations
Short, accessible guided mindfulness meditations for people on the autism spectrum, with a soothing voice and calming intro music.

Download tracks at CD Baby or stream on Spotify or Apple Music.

Mindful Parents Guided Meditations
Practical and brief guided meditations for all parents that are based on research groups for parents of autistic youth.

Download tracks at CD Baby or stream on Spotify or Apple Music.


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