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Free 6-week virtual program for caregivers. For Canadian caregivers of people with a disability, or are aging or are experiencing a challenging illness May 10 - June 14 1pm - 2pm EST

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An Autism-informed Approach to Mindfulness 
A webinar with resources, tools, handouts.
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mindfulness podcasts for neurodevelopmental services



An inclusive video series of 

fun mindful activities for adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities to do with supporters


 An audio series of mindfulness talks & tools with Sue and caregiver Lee Steel


An audio interview series with developmental services staff - talking wellness & mindfulness tools 

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Finding creative ways to each person's unique path to mindfulness


Guided Meditations For All 
We are a neurodiverse world, and we all need different mindfulness practices. Some of our brains are wired to benefit from concrete, sense based meditations. Some of us benefit from using imagery in our meditations. Try the different practices and choose which one is best for you.

Concrete Guided Meditations - Plain Language
Many neurodiverse adults and those of us who like concrete language tend to use these.

Grounding Meditation
00:00 / 03:14
10 minute Focusing Breath & Body (1)
00:00 / 10:12
Accessible Mindfulness Tools
00:00 / 17:20
Three S's - Sight, Sound, Sensation
00:00 / 05:20
Walking meditation with music
00:00 / 18:02

Guided Meditations that use Imagery  

Caregivers, educators, helping professionals tend to use these.

Healing Light Metta (Live Virtual July '20))
00:00 / 22:21
Healing Difficult Emotions
00:00 / 14:22
Metta meditation (w/ Music by Kevin Laliberte)
00:00 / 17:36
Mindful Gratitude (Live Virtual May 29 '20)
00:00 / 21:34
Mindful Body Compassion
00:00 / 19:47
Gratitude w/ music by Kevin Laliberte
00:00 / 16:48
Walk with Compassion
00:00 / 20:34
River Renewal Meditation
00:00 / 19:58
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Autism Informed Guided Meditations on Spotify, Apple Music 
Short, accessible guided mindfulness meditations for people on the autism spectrum, with a soothing voice and calming intro music.

Stream on Spotify or Apple Music.

Mindful Parents Guided Meditations on Spotify, Apple Music 
Practical and brief guided meditations for all parents that are based on research groups for parents of autistic youth.

Stream on Spotify or Apple Music.

Neurodiversity-informed Mindfulness: A 4-module series for Mindfulness teachers. This series is offered through the Mindful Society Global Institute, and will enhance your ability to support neurodivergent meditators in your groups. Registration

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Sue Hutton started her path to mindfulness in 1985. She did professional training with Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and has since then taught over a thousand people in a wide range of communities. Sue focuses much of her work these days on supporting mindfulness in neurodiverse communities and caregivers. 

Sue's career as a social worker and work in disability advocacy allow her to add a special perspective to traditional mindfulness techniques.

Accessible Mindfulness


"I've taught mindfulness in developmental services, in the education system, in cancer care services, and in the prison system. I also lead clinical groups with autistic adults and their caregivers for research in mindfulness for neurodevelopmental disabilities at CAMH.

Teaching those with a disability, or cancer, caregivers, educators, and health professionals with the lens of my advocacy perspective has shown me the importance of making mindfulness accessible to anyone".                    

~ Sue Hutton


Mindfulness workshop groups open to all, online or in person

Mindfulness groups for clinical and research settings


Full day retreats, blocks of training sessions, or one-off presentations tailored to organizations, community groups or events


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